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Christian Battery Live Wallpaper

Christian Battery live wallpaper is a wallpaper app for android that has an option to change background automatically everyday. Besides it's high quality mosaic christian images built in, it also features a Large Battery percent charge display which can easily be seen anytime on the background and also has an option to show the health of the battery of your mobile device.

Since it is a Christian wallpaper, there are absolutely no nudity and violence, free of spyware, malware etc..

Some of the proceeds will be donated for the future housing of the mental and physically handicap kids and also help further support my future apps.

Any suggestions on how to improve this wallpaper is appreciated.

Free new images in future updates!!!

Note that this is a live wallpaper and does not open as a regular app. To install this wallpaper after downloading, go to menu-->choose wallpaper option--> choose live wallpapers ---> then browse and choose "Christian Battery LWP" --->then choose "Set wallpaper"

Thank you for your support and may God bless you!

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Added a new image "God and Adam"