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Pre-Flight Battery Live Wallpaper

Pre-flight Battery Live Wallpaper is a simple non-battery draining wallpaper app for Android. It has high quality images of Radio Controlled planes currently featured in Pre-flight software.  It has also an option to change background everyday as well as it displays the status and condition of the battery of your mobile device.

The features are summarized below:

* More than 40 high quality images of RC planes and copters
* Option to  Change the background  Automatically everyday
* Clear Large battery level display
* Shows the Health of battery, Plug Source (AC, USB etc..)
* Option to display detailed status and conditioned of battery
* Text color can be change
* Possible free addional images through updates

Some of the proceeds will be donated for the future housing of the
mental and physically handicap kids and also will help further support future apps like these.

Any suggestions on how to improve this wallpaper is appreciated.